Augustin Pfleger

The opening of a Pfleger motet for Passiontide.
This image is © Uppsala University, Düben Collection, vhms 72/25

For Cosimo Stawiarski's edition of Pfleger's Opus 1 print with 18 pieces, please click here.


Ad te clamat cor meum

This fine motet consists of several contrasting sections, some like recitative, others more lyrical. The text asks for God's forgiveness.
Edited by Brian Clark.
Scoring: Soprano, 2 violins, 2 violas, violone, continuo.

Dominus virtutum nobiscum

In this setting of verses from Psalm 45, there are solos for Soprano 1 and Bass, and a short duet for the Tenors.
Edited by Brian Clark.
Scoring: 2 sopranos, 2 tenors, bass, 2 violins, viola, viola da gamba, continuo.

Justorum animae

This is a beautiful setting of a text from the Book of Wisdom.
Edited by Brian Clark.
Scoring: Soprano solo, 4 "violas", continuo.

Missus est angelus

This dialogue for the Feast of the Annunication is a nicely balanced piece with interplay among the voices and a rich harmonic final section
Edited by Brian Clark.
Scoring: Soprano (the angel Gabriel), Alto (Mary), Bass (the Evangelist), 2 "viole", continuo.

Si quis est cupiens

This motet praises Jesus as the source of food, water and health, again in the 17th-century tapestry style where each section uses a contrasting musical idea.
Edited by Brian Clark.
Scoring: Soprano solo, 2 violins, 3 violas (possibly violas da gamba?), continuo.