Agostino Steffani


Hai finito de lusingarmi

This is the last of a set of six Scherzi dell' Abbate Steffani. There are three arias, linked by two recitatives, in which Clorindo complains of the way his lover Phyllis is treating him.
Edited by Brian Clark.
Scoring: Soprano solo, 2 oboes [piffari], continuo.

Music in "La lotte d'Acheloo"

This suite comes from Steffani's 1689 opera, La lotta d'Hercole con Acheloo (the battle between Hercules and Acheloo), written for the court of Hannover. The work is important - not only in its own right - but as an oft-plundered source for later operas by Handel. After the overture come suites of dances for "for the river nymphs", "for the courtesans" and "for the gardeners".

1. Ouverture 2. [3] Airs pour les Ninfes de la Riviere 3. [2] Airs pour les Gens du Cour 4. [2] Airs pour les Jardiniers et les Jardinieres 5. Entree
Edited by Brian Clark.
Scoring: [Flutes / oboes], 2 violins, viola, contiuo.
The performing set includes extras for oboes and bassoon.

Extra Violin 1 part


Extra Violin 2 part


Extra Viola part


Extra Bass part