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>>> C. S. Adlgasser: Sinfonia in E flat AdCat 15:10

>>> O. BenevoliQui sequitur me

>>> Jacobus ClemensEcce quam bonum

>>> Michel Corrette: Symphonies de noëls no. 3

>>> Michel Corrette: Symphonies de noëls no. 4

>>> Gallus DresslerUnam petii a Domino

>>> J. S. Endler: Ouverture in D

>>> J. S. Endler: Ouverture in G

>>> J. F. Fasch: Ouverture in B flat, FWV K: B1

>>> J. F. Fasch: Sonata in F, FWV N: F1

>>> F. FoggiaArchangele Michael

>>> F. FoggiaAssumpta est Maria 

>>> J. G. Graun: Sonata in B minor

>>> J. G. Graun: Sonata in F

>>> C. Graupner: Sinfonia in C, GWV509

>>> C. Graupner: Concerto in D minor, GWV725

>>> B. GrazianiDixit Dominus

>>> B. GrazianiConfitebor tibi Domine

>>> B. GrazianiBeatus vir

>>> J. W. Hertel: Six keyboard sonatas

>>> J. W. Hertel: Four keyboard sonatinas

>>> Virgilio Mazzocchi: Nigra sum, sed formosa

>>> R. del Mel: Hodie Christus natus est

>>> J. M. Molter: Concerto in E minor, MWV 9:24

>>> J. M. Molter: Sinfonia in C, MWV 7:17

>>> C. d'Ordoñez: Symphony in F, Brown: F1

>>> J. H. Schmelzer: Sonata a8 per Chiesa e per Camera

>>> G. Ph. Telemann: Concerto in C minor, TWV 51: c2

>>> G. Ph. Telemann: Concerto in F, TWV 52: F2

>>> J. B. Wanhal: Symphony in B flat, Bryan B flat 4