Vergnügte Ruh, GWV1147/11

In the opening aria of this cantata for the 6th Sunday after Trinity 1711, recorders are doubled at the octave by violette (copied into the violin part, so possibly small violas), two violas (one in alto, one in tenor clef - both given in alto clef in the score), while the second has solo traverso, 4-part strings and continuo. The final aria returns to the opening scoring.
The text by Georg Christian Lehms was later set by J. S. Bach. The pastoral atmosphere of Graupner's setting suggests another Bach cantata.


Full score

Edited by Brian Clark.
Scoring: Soprano solo, flute (traverso), 2 recorders, strings (2 violins, 2 violette, 2 violas), continuo.

Extra Violin 1 part

(Includes Violetta 1 part)

Extra Violin 2 part

(Includes Violetta 2 part)

Extra Viola 1 part


Extra Viola 2 part


Extra Bass part