Charles Dieupart

French by birth, the composer moved to London as a boy and it was there that he lived most of his life. Ambitious plans to establish an English opera company seem to have failed, though a published set of suites for harpsichord apparently had some influence on no less a figure than J. S. Bach when the latter was composing his English Suites.


Concerto a5 in A

This is a curious work, since there is only a part for solo violin in the rather brief middle movement. In fact, the outer movements are similarly short, though tunefully and nicely harmonised. The surviving materials (which were copied for the Hofkapelle in Dresden) include two copies of an oboe part and a part for bassoon, but these may have more to do with local performance practice than Dieupart's original composition.
Edited by Brian Clark.
Scoring: [Oboe, bassoon], 2 violins [+solo violin in brief central movement], viola, continuo.
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