Overture to "Le cacciatore amanti"

This consists of two movements - originally the pastoral second movement led directly into the action of the opera, but a Da Capo to the opening Allegro works well.
It is number 350 in the list of the composer's output.

Full score

This dramma per musica a 4 voci was first performed at the Viennese court in June 1755.
Edited by Kim Patrick Clow.
Scoring: 2 trumpets (replace by horns in the second section), 2 flutes doubling oboes, strings, [continuo?]
PLEASE NOTE: This edition does not include a continuo realization.
If you require one, please tick the box. Remember, it may take a week to produce a continuo part.

Extra Violin 1 part


Extra Violin 2 part


Extra Viola part


Extra Bass part