Dich rühmen die Welten, TVWV 1:329


Full score

Edited by Brian Clark.
Text translated by David Bellinger.
This 1762 cantata sets a text by the Hamburg student, Johann Josef Eschenburg, who was one of one youngster of his day to supply the elderly composer with libretti - Telemann seems to have enjoyed the company (and stimulation) of youth. For someone in his 80s, Telemann shows a remarkably fruitful imagination.
This edition was commissioned by Nicholas Kraemer and Music of the Baroque (Chicago) - visit their website by clicking here.
Edited by Brian Clark.
Scoring: SATB, 3 trumpets, timpani, 2 violins, viola, continuo (including at least 1 bassoon and 1 cello, who share an obbligato part in one of the arias).
PLEASE NOTE: This edition does not include a continuo realization.
If you require one, please tick the box. Remember, it may take a week to produce a continuo part.
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