L'Orfeo – Favola in musica

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Clifford Bartlett's ground-breaking edition of 1993 has been completely re-typeset, with emendations to the Italian text by Professor Annamaria Popescu.
A4, 130pp, printed on quality paper and perfect bound by Ingram Spark.
IMSN 979-0-708142-54-6

Click HERE to see the introduction and first two pages of the score.

Buying this score does NOT give you the right to perform in on stage or record it. Performance materials (by agreement) can only be supplied after a contract has been signed and appropriate fees paid (where relevant; special dispensation for academic and community projects).

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Vespers 1610

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Clifford Bartlett spent years playing continuo in performances of this work (if – as he says in the introduction you can read HERE – it is a "work") and thinking about the best way to present it for musicians. His edition dates from 1990, when he and Andrew Parrott (to whom, along with Philip Thorby, it is dedicated) first tackled the idea that the use of high clefs in some movements was a Baroque conceit implying that the music had to be transposed downwards. For the last 30 years, the colour of the cover distinguished between "high" pitch (blue) and "low" pitch (red). There were disagreements over the degree of transposition which resulted in various "green" versions. For this new incarnation, Brian Clark (who also typeset the original version in 1990!) decided to include Clifford's two preferred pitches in a single volume. Although that adds to the page count, modern printing technology means that the price can remain the same as it was in 1990!

Edited by Clifford Bartlett & Brian Clark.
194pp, printed on quality paper and perfect bound by Ingram Spark.
ISMN 9-790708-14265-2
Scoring: 10 voices (SSAATTTTBB), 3 cornetti, 3 trombones, 2 flutes/recorders, 2 violins, 4 "violas" (SATB), continuo.

Click HERE to see a sample page of the score.

Performance material by negotiation. Email us with details of your planned performance and we will advise.