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Although an inscription on the wrapper of the surviving autograph parts includes the date (1st January 1760), that need not necessarily be the date of composition; there are two sets of parts for horns (both called horn 1 and 2) which suggests that the piece was performed more than once. In fact, the second pair double much of the music in the trumpet parts, so was perhaps intended for hornists to play when no trumpeters (who also played import court functions besides playing music) were available.

As well as being for a large orchestra, the sinfonia is also on a grand scale, consisting of six movements: Allegro, Andante (for strings and flute only), a pair of Menuets, Polonoise, Presto and a pair of Passepieds (the second for flute and oboe above violins only).

Edited by Kim Patrick Clow.
52pp, printed on quality paper and finished by DU Print.
Scoring: 3 trumpets, timpani, 2 horns, flute, oboe, strings, continuo.

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Performance material by negotiation.