2024 winner!

Isidro Albarreal has won the Růžičková Composition Competition for the second time. Having previously triumphed in the quartet category, his Violin Concerto in E minor "Malacuesta" recalls time spent with his father at their country retreat. Click HERE to find out more


Our first monograph poses serious questions: Does music contain emotion? Does music have meaning? These concepts are at the heart of musical experience, for professionals, amateurs and audiences. Combining readability with intellectual inquiry, award-winning writer MICHELENE WANDOR's book argues that meaning and emotion are not intrinsic to music, but depend on the contexts and conditions of performance.

She argues for the power of music, encouraging students, teachers, professional and amateur performers, as well as audiences and listeners, to think about what music means – to them personally, as an art form, and as an experience to be enjoyed.

Get it for a limited period post-free (in the UK) for only £10 by clicking HERE.

Michelene Wandor: Shibboleths & Ploughshares


More opera editions from The Early Music Company have recently been added to the site. You can only buy individual full scores; if you want to perform it, you'll need to contact us with further details of your plans before we can supply performing materials.

latest CATALOGUE additions

If you have any ideas for new editions, we would be delighted to hear about them!

New titles in PURPLE are Early Music Company re-issues.

Bonporti: Six motets for soprano with 2 violins and continuo

C P E Bach: Der Frühling

Caldara: Gloria in B minor, Kyrie a8 in A minor

Carisio: Qui sunt viri isti? and Salve Jesu, spes nostra

Degl'Antonii: Ricercate sopra il Violoncello (facsimile)

Cavalieri: Rappresentatione di Anima, et di Corpo

Charpentier: Sub tuum præsidium (SSmS/A, no continuo), Nativité de la Vièrge (SmS, continuo)

Fasch: Ouverture in G minor with three oboes (FaWV K: g2), two Sinfonias in B flat (FaWV M: B1 and FaWV M: B3), Gott ist die Liebe (for Whitmonday 1736), Ich danke dem Herrn, a Sinfonia in D (FaWV M: D2), Unser Wandel ist im Himmel (a cantata for Ascension Day), and Wirf dein Anliegen (cantata for the 5th Sunday after Trinity)

Johann Gottlieb Graun: Trio Sonata in G "Sanguineus and Melancholicus"

Graupner: Sinfonia in D (with four timps!) GWV541, Sinfonia in E flat GWV560

Rovetta: Exaltabo te Domine (SATB, continuo)

A Scarlatti: Cantata pastorale ("Non sò qual più m'ingombra")

Stadlmayr: Music for Vespers – the latest volume includes four suitable hymns

Stölzel: Der Engel des Herrn lagert sich, Sie sind allzumal dienstbare Geister

Telemann: Der Satan bläset oft

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